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Textile Division

  • Grupo Karim's is a strategic global player with core business in the real estate and textile industry that specializes in providing customers and partners high quality services in order to offer a unique investment opportunity.

Pride Denim Mills

Grupo Karim’s experience as a multinational textile group with successful operation in the region for more than 2 decades; becomes the strategic player of this denim project. Pride Denim Mills is a state of the art mill with the capacity to produce over 25 million yards annually of denim in a vertical process from yarn spinning to finished fabric in different weights and blends cotton, polyester and spandex.

Strategically located in Nicaragua, the heart of Central America and only a couple of hours by air from major US cities, its location and cost structure positions Pride Denim Mills as an ideal export platform for today’s denim global market and a one stop duty free denim operation servicing the US & Canada, Central America, Mexico, South America and Europe.

Pride Performance Fabrics

Pride Performance Fabrics is a leading supplier of synthetic and cotton fabrics in Central America. We provide our customers a consistent quality through innovative products and services. Fabrics we produce are used by major brands in today's Athletic, Active and Fashion wear markets.

Located northeast of Honduras in Naco, Santa Barbara within a 200-acre complex, with over 550,000 sq feet of installations and a capacity to produce 4.5 million lbs per month, Pride Performance Fabrics is one of the largest, most modern and versatile textile manufacturing facilities in Central America.